Radisson Show Rules & Guidelines

                                                                               Entry Procedures: Radisson Show

All two dimensional work MUST be safely and properly framed and securely wired for hanging. Unframed “finished” canvases are also acceptable but the finished image must “wrap around” the sides of the canvas or the sides must be painted black, white or color in picture. Works must be installation ready. Wires should not extend beyond the top of the frame. CNY reserves the right to disqualify accepted works if work is not wired. No “Wet” works. Saw tooth hangers, clip hangers of varieties thereof will NOT be be accepted, See what is allowed on "Show Calendar" page. Two dimensional works are limited in size 3’ wide by 6’ tall including frame. Diptychs and Triptychs are the exception, and must be mounted within a single frame. Three dimensional works are limited to a height of 4’ tall and no wider 24”. Sculpture must be one solid piece – multiple sculpture works that are not connected in some way will be considered separate entries. Any works requiring special hanging or installation must be brought to the attention of the committee upon or before check-in. All works must be properly labeled with CNY FOR SALE CARDS which will be provided by the guild. Unframed originals will be accepted and a separate stand will be provided for their display. Unframed prints will also be accepted and a separate stand will be provided for their display.  Unframed Prints must be matted and sleeved for their protection. No unframed originals will be allowed, category has been dropped due to lack of participation.

                                                                                  Radisson Show - Rules & Guidelines

Please note that screens reserved for the show may be cut depending on the number of  artist participating. All artist will be notified if there are changes to the # or screens they  have requested.  Also all 3-D artist will be notified of display space they will have for the show.

a)       Size will be limited to 36" wide x 60" high. Art work larger than these dimensions will have to be approved by all of the following show co-chairpersons, there are three and they are Dian Paura-Chellis (main chair), Delores Herringshaw and Maryann Guinta. 

Weight of framed artwork is limited to 30lbs.
c) Maximum number of pieces accepted by one artist: See Radisson Show entry fees form. If artist wishes to bring more than the maximum number allowed per category to be kept in reserve they can bring in 2 to 3 extra pieces. The extra will only be hung if the same artist's work has been sold during the show. All extras must be checked in with at time of entering and then
stored in the hall by that artist only.

d) Not for Sale pieces are not allowed in this show.

e) Reproductions are not allowed to be hung in this show. A stand for matted and sleeved prints/reproductions will be provided and they will not be judged. See show contract for # allowed and information on entering prints. Sizes allowed are 10 x 12” up to 20 x 24” (includes print & mat) and price range will be $15 up to $65. Anything not in the size and price range will be removed from stand. No Refunds on prints should this happen.


f) Originals (unframed) This category has been dropped due to lack of participations.

g) Show Cards (for sale cards) are provided by the guild for uniformity and must be filled out by the Artist Only. Show contract should be filled out front and back before the show to expedite the checking in process. All art work including prints/reproductions and originals must be listed on the contract and labeled as such. The Guild is not responsible for incorrectly filled out cards or contracts, make sure of your information especially the art work listed on the back of the contract. If a card is lost/damaged the guild will make out a new one based on the information on the back of the contract.

h) Business Cards, Flyers etc
cannot be placed on the screens for any reason. There will be a table provided for the artist/s to place that information. Anything other than "For Sale Cards" that are found on the screens will be removed. There will also be a separate table for the artist/s to place information on other shows they are in.

i) Framing/Wiring No flimsy, separated, unstable or unprofessional looking framing will be accepted. Show co-person/s has the right to reject anything that does not meet with the Guild's show standards. Any damage to the art work due to improper wiring, framing etc is the artist responsibility. The Guild is not responsible for any damages due to improper framing or if another artist's work is damaged to carelessness by another artist, ie drapery hooks improperly hung on screen/s.


j) Miniature/Small/3-D Art Work will have a table set up for displaying the artist work. Artists are responsible for easels and stands needed for their artwork. All tables will be covered with black cloth and white lace curtains - NO EXCEPTIONS. No miniature/small/3-D art will be hung on screens unless approved by the show person/s.

K) Note Cards will be allowed, 4 to a package uniformly priced at $10 per package. Approximate size 3 1/2 x 5" (standard note card size) and must be in a sleeve for cards. A table or card spinner rack will be set up next to the Cashier's table, extras will be placed under the table and put out if extra room is available.

l) No Crafts are allowed at this show, NO EXCEPTIONS.

m) Check In/Volunteering will be announced at the meeting and in the newsletter before the show. Any artist who will have a hard time dropping off or picking up their art work needs to notify one of the show chair-persons, Dian Paura-Chellis, Delores Herringshaw, and Maryann Guinta ahead of time and set up a drop off time with one of the show people listed. You must also make arrangements with one of the show persons listed if you are not able to pick up your art work. Whoever will be picking up your art must first see one of the show people listed before they can leave with your work.  NO EXCEPTIONS

n) Removal of Art - Art can only be removed during the show by a Guild member, no one else may take the art off the screens. After the show artist may take their own art work down when it has been announced by of the show chairperson that the show is over.
Do not take your art work down before this announcement is made.

o) Aspen House any art work left at the Aspen house is the sole responsibility of the artist, the Guild is not responsible for any left, lost or damaged artwork that is left after the show. If art work has to be taken by another member because it was left at the show there will be a fee of $5 per piece per week until the art work is picked up by you or your representative. If there is a problem you need to call one of the show persons to inquire about your art. You cannot go to the Aspen House during the week, it is used for pre-school and no one is allowed to enter the building. Anyone trying to gain entrance could jeopardize our renting the Aspen House for future shows. The number for the office is 635-2815.

p) A memo will be sent out 4 weeks prior to the show for artist to reserve the # of screens they'll need for the show. There will be a break off point so not miss this  time period. Names will be placed on the screen/s and that is where the artist will hang their work.

q) The show chairperson/s listed will have final say as to the hanging of the show.


               dpc- Sept 2017

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