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Sotherden, Beth  I’ve been making art and crafts of one form or another all my life.  I studied painting at Syracuse University and currently my passion is for painting expressionist landscapes in oil, acrylic, or pastel.  I begin a painting by experimenting with various materials and means of creating textures, then allow the painting to lead me through a multilayered, imagined landscape.  A native of central New York, I enjoy the beauty of the  four seasons as inspiration for my art.  (Back To)


Schmidt, Millie St John  I have worked in clay for more than 40 years, concentrating on form and exploring function. I am enjoying taking excursions from mugs, bowls, vases, and casseroles and exploring dragons and non-functional rock forms. In 2001 my artistic career took a leap when I returned to college to enhance my visual skills. I received a BFA from SUNY Oswego in painting in 2007. After 15 years, I closed my teaching studio and gallery in Baldwinsville. I am currently a pottery instructor at Clayscapes Pottery (clayscapespottery.com) in Syracuse. I now divide my time between clay and paint. I have recently been painting landscapes in watercolor, and I am thoroughly enjoying the quest for texture, form, and attitude, of my ceramic cat sculptures. E-mail
mstjohn25@yahoo.com  (Back To)


Stisser Laura, I am a Baldwinsville resident and mother of two. I picked up my first paint brush in 2010 by taking a few classes at BOCES and caught the bug. I work with acrylics, pastels and watercolor. I have the extreme pleasure to have studied with Delores Herringshaw and Sandra Sabene. Visit my website at
http://www.laurastisserart.com. (Back To)


Stoddard, Fred,   I was a structural and architectural draftsman for over 20 years until computers took over and hand produced engineering drawings became a lost art form. After a visit in 2013, to an art gallery owned by a long time friend and also an artist himself, I was encouraged to try painting. I paint with acrylics because of the shorter drying time. Once I start a painting I am consumed by the process and can't wait to see it finished. Most of my paintings are landscapes but because of my engineering/construction background most contain a structure in some form and contain a lot of detail. The detail I put into my paintings is most likely influenced by my time spent as a draftsman. I have no formal art training. The source material for my paintings come from photographs I have taken. Selling my paintings would be an added bonus but my enjoyment comes from making something that others can see and enjoy.  (Back To)


Turner, KatieEarly exposure to the art world came through my mother, Faith Fritz, an international watercolorist.  Some of my fondest memories include sunny days with her at the Toronto Art Exhibition, large crowds at Buffalo’s famous Allentown Art Show and long afternoons watching her paint. Although I have worked many years in the graphic arts field, written craft articles, published zines and worked with various media, watercolor remains my main commitment and my joy. Ed Whitney stated, “Substances obeying their own laws do beautiful things.”  Using watercolor on slick surfaces, such as Yupo paper or TerraSkin paper is a way I have found that allows mixing of colors, making unique shapes and gradations.   My current series makes use of these natural processes. KatieTurner@KTArtStudio.com visit my website at: KTArtStudio.com       (Back To)

Verescak, Steve
I have been interest in photography all my life. When I retired I upgraded my equipment and spent more time in the woodlands and traveling the byways of life sharpening my skills. I am self- taught and feel I am always learning. I am now doing several shows each year at Baltimore Woods and they in turn have used several of my photos on their posters, cards and website. (Back To)

Vinch, Shirley,  I am an amateur artist , I started painting watercolor paintings under the direction of an artistic teacher "Loe". Because of her I found that I can actually make art happen for me, not just painting but photography, jewelry, sculptures, just about anything to do with art. I love all art and I am amazed as to being able to even put on paper or canvas an idea I come up with. I may not be perfect but I am always willing to learn and expand my talents. I have loved art way before I discovered I can truly do it. As a child I would make my brothers pose and I would take their pictures with my camera, of course I was from a poor family and never got the photos developed but I oh so loved the idea of capturing memories on film. I loved to paint the paint by number sets and I loved to create with sculpting clay back then. Although today I have had a few short paint lessons from 2 teaching artists I still have a ton to learn. I have benefitted from those that taught and for that I thank them.Because I am not a person to wait for something to dry before I can complete it, I chose acrylics instead of watercolor or oils to paint. I am told my painting are impressionistic. I would love to be able to claim I am a realistic artist but I truly am an impressionist when it comes to painting. I work as a realtor who evaluates homes for a living for many finance companies and banks. But my heart is truly into the arts. I cannot imagine ever having to give up my painting, but I can imagine one day retiring from my job and just painting. I am also a self-made photographer and when the mood hits me I go out and shoot photos by the tons on those days. I have never had a lesson in photography, except a quick tip lesson from the internet and a local art group one time, I truly can say I did not enjoy someone not taking enough time to actually show you how to do things. All the photos I have taken are my original ideas and without instruction on how to take them or on the lighting. More people have commented on my photographs as they can find at least one that they like. As for my paintings sometimes I get a few that people comment on , so I decided to paint more then take photos. I can actually say my self-esteem has been boosted by my art and people telling me they like a certain painting that I did . I know I have a lot more to learn but I am always open for suggestions and guidance.

Von Pless, Leslie  I am a recent graduate of SUNY Fredonia with a BA in Communications and Film. I currently live and works in NY City. I am also a production assistant at Rapture Video and also works at the Women's Media Center. My photographs include those taken on my recent semester in Europe and many that I has taken of Upstate New York, the Adirondacks and the NY City area. I am also a member of the Cooperstown Art Association and participates in their art shows and sales. (Back To)

Von Pless, JoAnn
  I began my career as an Interior Decorator and taught classes in Interior Decoration and Design at Bryant and Stratton and BOCES. I enjoy fine art as well as decorative painting and study both whenever possible. Working in acrylics and oils in realistic style, her favorite subjects are landscapes while also painting an occasional still life. She found inspiration growing up in the Mohawk Valley viewing the beautiful farmland and foothills to the Catskill and Adirondack Mountains in all seasons of the year.  (Back To)

Wells, Cindy  After teaching art to elementary and junior high school students for thirty-four years I now concentrate on making my own art. I consider my self "a jack of all trades" artist who loves to experiment with all types of materials and processes creating real or abstract images from places or objects that appeal to my inner being.  (Back To)

Whalen, Gina, Growing up in Central New York and living in the Hudson Valley for twelve years has led me on my quest for artistic fullfillment.At a young age, I was driven to the paint brush and the feeling of putting paint on canvas was exhilerating. My passion was put on hold when I made the choice to study at Syracuse University at Utica College in Utica NewYork. Upon my graduation in 1989, I received a Bachelor of Science degree in Therapeutic Recreation with a concentration in Psychology. While taking only a few studio art classes, modern architecture, and art history classes while studying in college, I continued to self-educating in Fine Arts. I tried to constructively implement into my motifs according to the work of Jackson Pollock, Maurice Esteve, and Paul Klee thus creating a sort of cubism, and abstract expressionism compositions.  Strictly creating abstract compositions using oils and acrylic paints is now my main focus. Produced on canvas my work displays a non-objective composition utilizing shapes, colors, lines and other elements.  When looking at my pieces, they reveal a state of mind and another way to view the world bringing together life's experiences in a non- judgemental expression. (Back To))

Zadrozny, Mary  I received a Graphic Arts degree from Orlando College in Florida. I am the owner of "Just Imagine Design & Publications", specializing in unique quilt patters, plus resources for artist, crafters, writers and quilters. I also am the author/illustrator of the book "Home Shows: The Complete Guide for Artists and craftspeople." I started out as a quilt teacher, designer and restorer of antique quilts in the 80's. I am now branching out in a variety of mediums, including watercolor and mixed media collage. One of my goals is to push the boundaries of all my artwork, experimenting with 3-D shapes and embellishments. Some works are created with a deep spiritual/emotional current and others are just to have fun. My email address is justimag@twcny.rr.com, and my website address is www.justimaginedesigns.com(Back To)

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