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Henry, Polly Ann,  Photography has always been a passion of mine. My mom and dad had a great influence on me. They taught me to look for the beauty in the littlest of God's gifts. I specialize in capturing the exquisitemess of nature in all of its colors, movements, hues, shapes and its grandeur during the four seasons. I have been juried into many shows. To be juried into the Art Association of Oswego's "All New York State Show" was an honor but to be cosen 1 of 50 out of 250 plus entrants and then to be hoored with an Honorable Mention was wonderful. I was able to share the evet with friends and family. Other juried shows are the Marcellus Garden Show, Syracuse Technology, Sycamore Hill Gardens, Beaver Lake, Batimore Woods, Bernard's Bay and right here in the CNY Art Guild. My photographs have made their way to eight of our great states and the District of Columbia. Standing Bear once said ..."Man's Heart away from Nature becomes Hard". I love people and enjoy sharing ideas and throughts with them. (Back to)

Herringshaw, Delores  Born with artistic ability, I was encouraged by both family and later mentors such as Paul and Caroline Berry of Skylard Studius, Gary Trento and John DeTour. I love to experiment in a wide variety of mediums including acrylics, pastels, watercolor, oils and hand-inked scratchboard. My subject matter is equally diversified encompassing portraits, landscapes, architecture and unique physical forms. As a founding member of the Walton Street Irregulars, a group of artists who meet at the Delevan Studios to draw live models every Saturday encouraging each other as well as new-comers. I continue to pursue my passion for art not only for myself but for my students. To see more of my work please visit my website at  (Back To)

Hunter, Eva  A native of Syracuse, NY I am drawn to the textures, movements, light and spirit of the outdoor places I discover. While on my quest for artistic nourishment I have wandered and explored throughout the United States in search of rugged landscapes and unique vistas. Having lived in Colorado for many years, I use this experience to add the Western landscape and palette into my artwork. Using art to explore the relationship and tension between suburban sprawl and natural environments I find inspiration in nature: deserts, mountains, caves, and while hiking along secluded waterways. (315) 699-3077 (Back To)

Lay, Beverly, I have experimented with many mediums throughout the years. There  is something about a blank canvas and the spark of imagination that is like meditation to me.  Graduating with a degree in Graphic Design I spent most of my career life in various venues from exhibit design to internet design. In 2002 I pursued a childhood passion to work in veterinary medicine and became a Licensed Veterinary Technician. My favorite expressive outlet away from work was watercolor painting or graphite drawing-- until I discovered clay!  I love the range of sculptural opportunities it affords from the graphic symmetry of art deco to free flowing organic forms. Now retired, I am concentrating on exploring the exciting, creative processes working with clay and glazing offers. My studio is in Baldwinsville, NY. (Back To)

Jagelle, Karen,  Nature is my muse.  Photography is the means I use to capture its beauty.  I enjoy taking photos of the gorgeous scenery throughout CNY and beyond.  My passion for brilliant colors, strong compositions and good design fuel my love of photography as well as other art forms.  I am a self-taught photographer who dabbled a bit with painting.  I've taken several college level art classes  (University of Colorado & Syracuse University) and developed an "eye" visiting many art galleries and museums in the States as well as abroad.  My photos have been shown in juried and open exhibitions.  Contact me at or 315.484.6105

Richard Karuzas
,  Richard has been painting for over 50 years. He works in acrylics on canvas. He enjoys creating a range of works including portraits, landscapes and abstracts. He earned a BS and an MBA from The American University and studied Fine Arts at the Northern Virginia Community College. He has received multiple awards for his exhibits including First Place at the 2001 NY State Fair and the DeFrancisco grant to create a large painting entitled The History of the Universe. He had a studio in the Historic Gleason Mansion in the village of Liverpool.
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Krause, Barbara, Paintings provide moments of wonderful relaxation and quiet reflection.  I hope you enjoy my Whimsical Art paintings; and they give you a moment to pause, relax and smile.  (Back To)

Lifanova, Liliya  I grew up in Ukraine surrounded by rich artistic heritage of Europe. It was fascinated to go to museums that had permanent collections and also art galleries that represented local contemporary artists. After immigrating to US in1992 I began to pursue my dream and journey into becoming an artist. I took art lessons with several members of Art Guild – Anita Fodera, Delores Herringshaw and Anna Perun and other accredited artists in the Central New York area, successfully completed North Light Art School the Fundamentals of Fine Art course, and explored many styles and mediums.  Find my art for sale at I also work on commissions.  (Back To)


Lisi, Kim,  I took paint to a canvas the first time in the early summer of 2014. My parents encouraged me by giving me a month of art lessons. That started this wonderful discovery of the art that is in me. I work full time as a nurse but I paint and sketch whenever I can and as often as I can. (Back To)

Lynn, Jennifer  Is a versatile artist who likes to depict emotion in a painting. She joined the CNYAG a few years ago and enjoys the exposure to the other artists and their works. Her paintings have been accepted into exhibitions organized by CNYAG and the NY State Fair where she has received a 1st, 3rd and an honorable mention. Much of her work is private commissions but she also shows her works in various galleries. She gives thanks to her art teacher Delores Herringshaw.  (Back to)

McArdell, Jerry,  I'm a self-taught artist with a wide interest in all types of artistic mediums. Soon to be retired. I'm looking forward to devoting much more of my time to the different types of mediums that interest me.

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