Elliott-Seitz, Patricia, Having a lifetime interest in fine art and paintings, I love to be challenged artistically. I spent my earlier years in California with my Mother a painter, and her grandparents whom collected art. At sixteen i suffered a serious illness which resulted in the partial loss of my sight. My painting approach is by using warms and cools with subtle detail. I feel that extreme detail becomes tiring and leaves nothing to the imagination. I enjoy exploring subjects on an intimate level getting to know my subjects, striving to gather as much information as possible prior to beginning a painting. I gravitate to subjects whereby rich color, and light are of primary focus, and the subject matter presents a degree of difficulty. My first love is working with oil medium, although, I will often experiment with water color and pastels. My favorite subject matters are landscapes, water, and shores. I paint in a style that borders realism while maintaining an impressionistic view. Most of my work is based on my personal experiences and my artistic goal is to be a productive artist, bringing beauty to the world.  (Back to)


Gaiser, Christopher  I get a bundle of inspiration from life , through nature, and influences in my daily basis. I live to capture special moments with people, through my work. I strongly base my life with two major quotes, life's  what you make it and Hukuna matata. With no worries I approaches my work open mindedly as I know my work is absolutely what I makes it out to be, though hoping others will capture something more elaborate. Art makes me feel free, expressive, and extremely happy when others find their fulfilled fancy within my various pieces of work.

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Geiger, Vivian
  In creating, no matter what medium life is never dull. The act of creation truly contributes to one's health and happiness. I began my life as an artist when I was a child. I started with sketching and painting before exploring photography. I lectured for the Professional Photographers in forty states as well as Australia, Israel, England and Canada. My portrait paintings are on display at the College of Forestry, The Post Standard's Women of Achievement in the Arts, the Canal Museum and at other universities. Currently I paint landscapes and flowers in oils and acrylics and I am experimenting with pastels on digital prints and abstract phototgraphy.  (Back To)

Goldman, Karen  "I am enjoying becoming a “fledgling” artist. I’ve always thought I’ve had an artistic sensibility and, as a mom raising four children, was often involved in crafty art projects, working on the school-play scenery or just generally drawing with my kids. I’ve not had any formal training, but recently, with the nudging of a close friend, was given an opportunity to “spread my wings” under the tutelage of an experienced and gifted art teacher. As I venture closer to the “empty nest”, I am thankful that I have discovered my passion for art; and hopefully I will continue to broaden my  skills and technique for many years to come." (Back To)


Goetzke, Bonnie  After graduating from the University of Wisconsin with an art major, many years ago, I did not pick up a brush again until I retired.  I got back into art by taking watercolor workshops and enjoying the different styles of each teacher.  At some point it is up to me to develop my own style which is exactly what I am working on.  I was introduced to liquid acrylics not too long ago and am finding that changing mediums is very exciting.  It opens my eyes to the many varied types of art and does not confine me to a ridged subject matter but allows me to become more abstract. However it makes it even harder to zero in on specific style but I’m loving the art journey it creates.  I try to paint from life’s experiences and take photos where ever I travel to use in future paintings. My paintings can be seen at various art shows in the CNY area and at the Inn Between Restaurant year around. (Back To)


Guinta, Maryan It all started in 8th grade with a dedicated teacher and a loving father. The first helped me discover an interest in art, the second bought me my first set of paints and never stopped encouraging me. Many years later I’m still at it, still painting, still learning and enjoying. Though mostly self taught, there have been several Decorative Art teachers and designers who have influenced my style which is mostly realistic, sometimes impressionistic, but not restricted only there. Every once in a while I’m a bit whimsical too. While concentrating on Decorative Art for the past 33 years, my children swear that “If it sits still long enough, I’ll paint on it” is my motto. Among the many types of surfaces I’ve painted are walls, wood, sea shells, fabric, metal, glass, porcelain, egg shells, gourds, ceramic tiles, and linoleum, not to mention the more usual paper and canvas. My goal is to bring beauty to the everyday, to where we live and the things we use. Naturescapes, still life’s, and animals have been my main focus, but I’m learning to enjoy portraits too. It’s a fun challenge. Central New York has been my lifelong home with the exception of a few years away for college on the west coast. It was ‘love at first sight’ when I met my husband while working at a family restaurant. We joined our lives 34 years ago, raised 3 daughters and a son, and now have the blessing of 2 granddaughters to spoil.

I can be contacted at murphspainting.aol.com. or 315-622-1467.

Hall-Batchelor, Elana, I have always loved Art especially Drawing since I was a young girl in grade school. My parents didn’t mind if I was up late at night drawing. Art was my major in High School, I also took classes at S.U.N.Y Oswego under Robert Sullins in 1978-79. I married had three beautiful children and finally when the youngest flew the nest I again took up my love of Art. I am enjoying it every minute and exploring different mediums along the way I am primarily sticking to Graphite, and photography. I just recently took up Painting in the spring of 2012 encouraged by a dear friend. I love it! I also like dabbling with colored chalk, and trying my hand at Pastels. Art in its many forms is endless and Beautiful! What creative attributes we humans have…..Wonderful World!  (Back to)

Hand, Judith 
My first love is watercolor, but recently, I have enjoyed experimenting with acrylics and collage.  I have exhibited extensively in Central New York and I am a signature member of the Central New York Watercolor Society and I also belong to a number of local art guilds. My subject matter and style are eclectic but I am partial to images of reflective surfaces, landscapes and flowers. “I am not on a mission to call attention to the world’s ills but would rather focus on those things I see as beautiful, interesting or amusing and share them with others.  I agree with Delacroix that "The first merit of a painting is to be a feast for the eye.” more of my work can be seen at http://www.judithkhand.com.   (Back To)

Hawthore Lynne,  I studied and worked in Commercial Art (in Hartford Conn./Philadelphia, Pa./and Syracuse) specializing in Graphic Design and cartoon illustration. Relief wood carving was my center of expression for several years. After retiring, I was drawn into painting all forms of nature, using acrylic and watercolors. On my Art work I share the Bible verse that inspired me.  I have taken state, national and local award in each media.  That was then, this is now; when I plan to focus on greater creativity and productivity.  (Back To)


Henry, Polly Ann,  Photography has always been a passion of mine. My mom and dad had a great influence on me. They taught me to look for the beauty in the littlest of God's gifts. I specialize in capturing the exquisitemess of nature in all of its colors, movements, hues, shapes and its grandeur during the four seasons. I have been juried into many shows. To be juried into the Art Association of Oswego's "All New York State Show" was an honor but to be cosen 1 of 50 out of 250 plus entrants and then to be hoored with an Honorable Mention was wonderful. I was able to share the evet with friends and family. Other juried shows are the Marcellus Garden Show, Syracuse Technology, Sycamore Hill Gardens, Beaver Lake, Batimore Woods, Bernard's Bay and right here in the CNY Art Guild. My photographs have made their way to eight of our great states and the District of Columbia. Standing Bear once said ..."Man's Heart away from Nature becomes Hard". I love people and enjoy sharing ideas and throughts with them. (Back to)


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