Enos, Anna I live in the Baldwinsville (Radisson) area and have two daughters and four grandchildren ranging in age from 3 to 17 years.  I have always painted but my professional career has been in the health insurance field.  I graduated from Maria Regina College with a business  degree but have taken many art classes over the years.  My favorite medium is watercolor and my primary focus is to explore new techniques in watercolor.  Since retirement I am finding more time and opportunities to improve my artistic abilities. (Back To)
FrankoffGerry  - I have been fortunate to inherit artistic influences from my father, a designer for Syracuse China, my mother a pianist, and my aunt who was an accomplished illustrator and artist. Upon graduating from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, where I majored in graphic design and minored in fine arts, my career path included positions in advertising and marketing in the digital medium. After a successful career as a product and catalog manager, I retired in 2010. Since retiring, I've been “recharged” by pursuing my passion in fine arts. I've exhibited and achieved recognition at the New York State Fair and other local Syracuse, NY exhibits. My primary medium has been acrylics; however, I've also enjoyed working with both pastel and oil. I'm always eager to explore different mediums and techniques.  http://www.gerryfrankoff.com  (Back To) 

Goetzke, Bonnie - After graduating from the University of Wisconsin with an art major, many years ago, I did not pick up a brush again until I retired.  I got back into art by taking watercolor workshops and enjoying the different styles of each teacher.  At some point it is up to me to develop my own style which is exactly what I am working on.  I was introduced to liquid acrylics not too long ago and am finding that changing mediums is very exciting.  It opens my eyes to the many varied types of art and does not confine me to a ridged subject matter but allows me to become more abstract. However it makes it even harder to zero in on specific style but I’m loving the art journey it creates.  I try to paint from life’s experiences and take photos where ever I travel to use in future paintings. My paintings can be seen at various art shows in the CNY area and at the Inn Between Restaurant year around. (Back To)

Goldman, Karen -  "I am enjoying becoming a “fledgling” artist. I’ve always thought I’ve had an artistic sensibility and, as a mom raising four children, was often involved in crafty art projects, working on the school-play scenery or just generally drawing with my kids. I’ve not had any formal training, but recently, with the nudging of a close friend, was given an opportunity to “spread my wings” under the tutelage of an experienced and gifted art teacher. As I venture closer to the “empty nest”, I am thankful that I have discovered my passion for art; and hopefully I will continue to broaden my  skills and technique for many years to come." (Back To)
Gratien, Julie, My mom claims that I came out of the womb motivated to create. As a young child, she could barely keep up with buying me craft kits. My first art class was in high school. I was very fortunate to have an art teacher that believed in me. After high school, I attended Syracuse University and fell in love with color and everything it offers. I exhibited as an artist for 10 years and then returned to Syracuse University to complete my master’s degree in art education. My 20+ years as an art educator has enabled me to learn so much from my students and mutually share the joy of creating. I am getting back to more fully exhibiting my own work and continue exploring color and nature as I experiment with several variations of painting, collage, printmaking, weaving and jewelry making. I like to bring innovation to traditional artmaking. I’m happy to be a member of the CNY Art Guild! (Back To)
Green-Schillawski, Laurie,
 I have been creating art since I was a little girl. I would spend countless hours coloring, drawing, writing, painting, knitting, sewing—you name it, I’ve probably spent time doing it. Creating has been a big part of me my whole life. I took two stained glass workshops with a wonderful woman, Charene Borthwick, who taught me so much and whom I still miss to this day. I also took a couple of Art Classes while at Wells College, but mostly, I’m a self-taught artist.

When I create something a couple of wonderful things happen. The first is the sense of well-being that comes over me during the creation process. This is a moment in time when my perceived troubles of the world disappear for a while. My mind is focused only on what I am creating. This temporary freedom from my woes is so very, very therapeutic. My mind is free from my troubles but, so too, is my body. The tension in my body slowly seeps away to be replaced with a feeling of calm energy. The very air I breathe feels more clear and refreshing. I feel renewed and energetic.

The second thing that happens is that I gain a sense of accomplishment when I finish a piece. We all know how important these two attributes are to the human soul—a sense of well-being and accomplishment. But, there is so much more involved. Creating something requires us to move outside of our comfort zone into the unknown. We must take a chance that we can ‘learn’ to do something new. Not every endeavor will be a success, but there will always be a sense of satisfaction that we TRIED something new. And, each success that we personally experience makes us want to reach out and try for more success. This is the perpetual cycle of creating. Face your fear, try something new, create something, succeed (or maybe not), then face your fear again. The more times we face down our fears the easier it becomes to try something new. Even in our failures we might experience an unexpected success—something we never knew existed. So, for me creating art is a great way to relieve stress and it helps me feel that I am contributing something unique to the world. My hope is that someone will read this and discover for themselves what creating art can do for them. Now go pick up that paper, pencil, scissors or paint…go create! I’ve been a Stained Glass Artist since 1999, BA Creative Writing 2006, Paper Artist since 2013, Watercolor Artist since 2015 and I am now a CNY Artist Guild Member
. You can visit me at  www.http://lauriesart.com or call 1-315-730-7431. (Back To)
 Griswold, Rebecca,  I am new to the art world having just started with pastel painting lessons in June of 2015 , studying with Delores Herringshaw . It was a medium that sparked my interest and I was determined to learn! I have received much encouragement  from Delores and my two older sisters, Susan and Carolyn, who are also enjoying painting with pastels and other mediums.I have always enjoyed many outdoor adventures in which I enjoy the beauty that surrounds us and this has given me inspiration for some of the paintings I have done thus far for my family. My interests are  fly fishing, hiking  cross country skiing and trips to Cape Cod  to name a few! I am still working full time as a Registered Nurse at Hospice of CNY.  
Guinta, Maryan It all started in 8th grade with a dedicated teacher and a loving father. The first helped me discover an interest in art, the second bought me my first set of paints and never stopped encouraging me. Many years later I’m still at it, still painting, still learning and enjoying. Though mostly self taught, there have been several Decorative Art teachers and designers who have influenced my style which is mostly realistic, sometimes impressionistic, but not restricted only there. Every once in a while I’m a bit whimsical too. While concentrating on Decorative Art for the past 33 years, my children swear that “If it sits still long enough, I’ll paint on it” is my motto. Among the many types of surfaces I’ve painted are walls, wood, sea shells, fabric, metal, glass, porcelain, egg shells, gourds, ceramic tiles, and linoleum, not to mention the more usual paper and canvas. My goal is to bring beauty to the everyday, to where we live and the things we use. Naturescapes, still life’s, and animals have been my main focus, but I’m learning to enjoy portraits too. It’s a fun challenge. Central New York has been my lifelong home with the exception of a few years away for college on the west coast. It was ‘love at first sight’ when I met my husband while working at a family restaurant. We joined our lives 34 years ago, raised 3 daughters and a son, and now have the blessing of 2 granddaughters to spoil.I can be contacted at murphspainting.aol.com. or 315-622-1467. (Back to)
Hand, Judith - Watercolor is my first love, although I devote a large portion of my creative time to drawing and makes occasional forays into acrylics, printmaking and collage. My subject matter and style are eclectic.  I am partial to images of reflective surfaces and those incorporating flowers and plants.  Much of my current work falls into my “Fractured Flora” series.  These paintings incorporate superimposed images along with geometric elements to create abstractions from nature. I also enjoy painting on Yupo, a “synthetic paper,” and have been teaching Yupo workshops to other artists in the community.   I  have discovered that Yupo is especially appropriate when applied to figure painting.  Because it is possible to remove watercolor from the surface of Yupo, I can create a richly textured visual ground and subsequently lift out my subject matter.  I agree with the painter, Delacroix, that “The first merit of a painting is to be a feast for the eye.” and that is what I hope to achieve. http://www.judithkhand.com.   (Back To)
Harnois, Lynn, - When I was a kid there was nothing better than a brand new box of crayons. I loved all the colors! As an adult, I still do. My passion for art continued at Rhode Island College where I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with Concentrations in Graphic Design and Photography. I enjoy many mediums, but the majority of my work is in Glass, Technical Pen and Photography. I am drawn to nature themes, and subjects with graphic elements. The large florals of Georgia O'Keeffe feed my love of color, and I am intrigued by Georges Seurat's painting "A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte". My fascination with Pointillism began with Seurat's belief that dots of pure color, when placed next to each other and seen by the human eye as a single shade or hue, appear more brilliant and powerful than standard brush strokes. I think of my pointillism pieces as a marriage between the impressionism of Georges Seurat and the bright florals of Georgia O'Keeffe. My website, www.BlueLoonStudios.com is currently under construction. Until then, I can be reached at: BlueLoonStudios@gmail.com.  (Back to)  
Hawley Roxanne,  I've dabbled on and off with art since high school when my dad gifted me with my first set of oil paints.  Since then I've probably tried most art mediums available and I love working with all of them.  While I have enjoyed portraying realistic subject matter, lately I have been developing an interest in abstract art. I enjoy the challenge of  bringing balance into my art and exploring abstract painting affords me that challenge.   

Hawthore L
ynne,  I studied and worked in Commercial Art (in Hartford Conn./Philadelphia, Pa./and Syracuse) specializing in Graphic Design and cartoon illustration. Relief wood carving was my center of expression for several years. After retiring, I was drawn into painting all forms of nature, using acrylic and watercolors. On my Art work I share the Bible
verse that inspired me.
I have taken state, national and local award in each media.  That was then, this is now; when I plan to focus on greater creativity and productivity.  (Back To)

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