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Ames, Tim,  I am a landscape painter.  I was inspired me to give painting a try after watching numerous artists on my local PBS station.  I soon discovered that while painting, I became so immersed in the process that all else was erased from my mind.  Before long, my new hobby became my avocation.  Although I have had no formal training, to say that I am "self-taught" is a bit of a stretch, since I have benefitted from the instructions of many great artists through an accumulation of a library of art books and taped lessons. I began with oils, but found the slow drying time was not to my liking.  I was drawn to fast drying acrylics which seemed better suited to my style which is a combination of impressionism and realism. Since my retirement, I have devoted most of my free time to my painting avocation and the establishment of an artist cooperative in my hometown of Oswego, New York.   Lakeside Artisans Coop opened for business in March of 2011 to provide a much needed venue for local artists and artisans to display and sell their work.  (Back To)
Arnold, Eileen  After retiring from the US Navy in 2004 I turned my attention to more creative pursuits. I attended SUNY New Paltz full time for four years graduating in 2008 with a BA in Anthropology and a BS in Visual Arts. Returning to my home town I divided my time between gardening and art. In 2013 I successfully challenged myself to complete an artwork a day for the entire year. I specialize in unique, colorful portraits but I am always open to new subjects.  (Back To)
Bacich, Dan
  My art career dates from my homecoming in 1997 to care for an elderly parent and younger sibling who are both in wheelchairs. I am know principally for my acrylic paintings of autumn leaves and my assemblages of found objects. In 2008 my work was shown at the Cooperstown Nation, the Everson Biennial and the Schweinfurth Made in New York exhibits. For more information please visit my website:    (Back To)
Blount-Gowan, Marnie My art is currently focused on painting and photography, while I continue a career in advertising, print and video design, video production and writing. I work primarily in watercolor, ink and watercolor and photography while exploring other forms of visual espression. Visit my website at       ((Back to)
Brink, Allie For my 10th Christmas I  received an oil paint set (I  still use that box!). Work, school  and family pushed the  pleasure of painting to the back of the closet. I dabbled in a few classes over the years and painted in spurts; mainly self-taught. Now retired, much of my time and energy is devoted to my art.   Winning a couple of awards has boosted my self-confidence  and excitement.  I paint mostly in acrylics, some oil and watercolor; favoring nature inspired landscapes
Butkins, Laurel,  I’ve been told before that I can find beauty in absolutely anything and I completely agree with that… From the intricate detail of a snowflake or the delicateness of a flower about to bloom, to the intensity of a skyscraper or the power of a battleship, there truly is beauty in everything, everywhere, all around us… And I try to capture that in each of my photographs…  I am inspired by nature and intrigued by technology and with my camera I try to find the perfect balance of both…  A large majority of my artwork is associated with nature inspired images such as flowers, birds, landscapes, sunsets and moons, though I also do event and portrait work not only of people, but also of pets, classic cars, motorcycles and boats… I am very fortunate to travel to Alaska and work with Ice Alaska in creating photo books, calendars, dvds, notecards, postcards, flyers, banners and framed artwork of their yearly World Ice Art Championships located in Fairbanks Alaska and featuring Ice Sculptors from all over the world. Please enjoy my website at: and I am always available for hire at Any day I have my camera in my hand is always a good day… (Back to)
Clift, Sandy (Elizabeth)  I am a retired elementary school teacher. After retirement I returned to SUNY at Oswego to study art.   My work has been exhibited locally and nationally since 2003. Presently my work is exhibited at Design Accents in Fulton, NY and True North Gallery in Hamilton, Massachusetts.  My work can also be found online at -  (Back To)

Clift, Phil  I am a retired high school teacher and amateur photographer. Since I retired my works have been in shows sponsored by the Fulton Art Assn., the Art Assn. of Oswego and the 2004 Central NY Art Guild. My photography has won awards in these shows, I also volunteer for the Friends of History in Fulton, NY. (Back To)

Doolittle, Jerry,   Near retirement I decided to begin doing something I had always wanted to do but could never seem to find the time.  I wanted to learn to draw and paint.  I started taking classes through a weekly workshop program offered by the town of Dewitt for senior citizens.  There, I have learned through some excellent volunteer instructors as well as through the critique of others in the program.  I work in pencil, charcoal, ink, watercolor, scratch-board and sometimes acrylics.  I am always challenging myself to try new ideas, mediums, and techniques (and sometimes they work out).  (Back To)





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