Radisson Fine Arts Show - April 14th & 15th 2018
Contact Persons: Dian Paura-Chellis or Delores Herringshaw
       (315-672-3769)  (315-488-0495) 

Liverpool Library Show - Month of July 2017
Contact Persons Cindy Wells/Lynn Harnois (457-1049/378-2235)

Liverpool Show Contract & Information & Information

View the 2017 Liverpool LIbrary Show

Baldwinsville Library Show Information & Exhibition Policy
Next Show Sept - 2019 

Contact person Terri Nelson 635-6840

View the 2017 Baldwinsville Show

Fayetteville Library Show Nov 1st thru 26th 2016
Contact Maryann Guinta -622-1467/Cindy Lewis 343-0993
View the Show

Student Show & Invite
Click here to view information & map

Contact Beth Sotherden at 623-9301
Winners of 2016 Student Show

Radisson Show Winners - October 14 & 15th 
Next show April 14 &15th 2018
 at the Aspen House in Radisson

Map - Direction to the Aspen House, Radisson

View the setting up of the show & the demo's presented

Radisson Show Then & Now

Radisson Show Rules & Guidelines

Radisson show contract - What is Allowed
Radisson show is for CNY members only - See the "About Us" page to join

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